Major Differences Between Match Fighting And Street Fighting

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There are great differences between street fighting and match fighting. While there is no rules involved in the former, the latter imposes a number of rules of can and cannot. Point system is stated in details for judges to decide winners in case of fighters going the distance such as both not tapping out or being knocked out after reaching the agreed amount of rounds. The difficulty of moves, punches, kicks being executed or done properly is also counted in the point system. All factors are added up and a winner is decided. Most fights ended with judges awarding ten points for the winner while the loser getting any point from zero to nine. Full ten points for both are awarded in case of tie. Judges' own discretion are used to decide a winners if the points are tied at the end of the match.


In match fighting there are a lot of "no no's" that are not present in street fights. These moves include spitting, hair pulling, hitting in the shorts area and scratching to name a few. This causes a penalty on the perpetrator and if done a few times in a single match, can cause disqualification and will lose the match instantaneously. Street fights have no rules, which also makes them a lot more dangerous. There is no one there to stop the fight if one of the fighters is clearly down and out. A lot of the "don'ts" in match fighting are used in street fights and can help them win, as that is the main objective. They can help you win in times when you hare out matched by a more skillful opponent, even though most fighters would agree upon that they do not want to be classified as a dirty fighter.


Although street fighting and match fighting are quite a bit different, each carries over to the other significantly. If a fighter is good on the ring, the skills and experience he or she learns there will help him or her in a street fight, and vice versa. However, a match fighter needs to be aware of the situation and hand and be ready for such moves that they do not need to worry about in the ring. This goes for street fighters who may fight dirty as well. If you are used to street fighting you need to be cautious not to use these illegal moves in the ring as they can cause you to forfeit the match.


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Major Differences Between Match Fighting And Street Fighting

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This article was published on 2010/09/20