Perfect Match - Resolving Problems With Your Perfect Match

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No matter how perfect you are for one another, you're still going to have problems in your relationship. The key is finding the way you and your perfect match solve problems best. When you have issues, it's important to discuss them, or they'll never get resolved. Just because you fight doesn't mean you haven't found your perfect match, something that makes you perfect for one another is knowing how to work through things - together.

Identify the Problems

Before you talk to your perfect match, think about what's causing the problem. Is it something he said? Was it something she did? Is it something completely unrelated to him or her - a work issue, a family issue, or an issue with one of your friends? A lot of times, it's easy to become people frustrated with the person you love because you're comfortable with him or her. You act out against your perfect match because you're frustrated about something going on in another part of your life.

If it's something else, the best way to address the issue with your perfect match is apologize for how you've been acting or how you mean or moody you've been. However, if it is something to do with your significant other, you need to come up with a way to address it with him. Some things, like not going out often enough, are easy to solve. Other things clearly require serious work and discussion, especially when it involves a loss of trust.

Communication is Key

Any time you have a problem with your perfect match or anyone else, the only way to solve the problem effectively is to talk to them. Some people feel better not discussing a problem. They just want to brush it off and put it behind them. Forget about it. If you want a good relationship with your perfect match, that's the wrong way to go about it.

Remember, the conversation will continue in the vein it starts out. That means, that if you begin by attacking someone, it will get worse. Quickly. On the other hand, if you start it out on a positive note, and start with yourself, you and your perfect match will be able to work through the problems considerably more effectively. Once you begin the conversation:

*Ask how you can work together to solve the problem
*Listen to the other person. They might be having problems, too.
*Keep the conversation positive
*Take breaks if you have to
*Always respect one another. You're not on the Jerry Spring Show. Don't act like it by yelling at one another and throwing things. That won't solve any problems. And you'll look like an animal.
*Most important of all: figure out how to change things

When something becomes a problem, it's important that you and your perfect match discuss it. Talk about your problems before they become huge. Instead of putting it off so long you don't know what started the problem in the first place, deal with it immediately. There's a saying about not letting the sun set on your anger. That's smart advice. If you resolve any problems with your perfect match before going to bed, then you'll be able to start the next day fresh. And if the two of you discuss them early before they even become an issue, that will encourage an even better, healthier relationship between yourself and your perfect match. It won't stop problems from happening, but it'll sure make them easier to handle.

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Perfect Match - Resolving Problems With Your Perfect Match

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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